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Art Label

is an agency, focused on emerging Hungarian contemporary artists, while initiating a social discourse about it by organizing and participating in unconventional events, exhibitions, workshops and public installations.

Our goal

is to bring contemporary culture closer to everyone, to provide the necessary space, resources and activity for extraordinary displays and ventures so everyone can see how varying, magnificent and at the same time recipient friendly contemporary art can be.

Being a label

in the world of art shows that we aim to incorporate the virtues of a record label to our work, thereby providing secure background to achieve our goal. By this model, we operate with a unique profile in the art scene, committed towards the branding and marketing of artists, coordinating and advocating their emergence in the international art world and market.

We are

professionals from the fields of cultural management, communication and branding specialised from the fields of culture and art.

Our services

include professional management and consultation, so artists can focus on their main act: creating art. Additionally we are open for partnerships to all ingenious contemporary ventures and ideas which are consistent with our mission and profile.

Enthusiast as well?

We know that everything is easier together. That is why we are always seeking new partners and allies to work collectively on the advancement of the contemporary arts.

Contact us

at so we can start working together today!